Looking for RC jets? Our stock of RC jet airplanes will satisfy your need for speed. Remote control jets are exhilarating to fly, leaving you unable to put down the controller for hours. Turbine RC jets can reach speeds of hundreds of miles an hour, so make sure you have plenty of open space.

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  1. Electra ARF Jet by BVM

    Electra ARF Jet by BVM

    The BVM Electra jet "kit" lead the way. Its size and performance have revolutionized the state-of-the-art for an all electric jet model. The Electra jet "ARF" has all the same performance and mechanical features of the kit version, but with 90% of the labor to build and finish accomplished for you. Its all composite, painted-in-the-mold airframe is strong and light. With the BVM Electric VioFan, it is flight worthy at speeds up to 200mph, but stable slow flight and easy landings are where the Electra Jet really shines. Item#: BVME230002 Learn More
  2. eBandit by BVM

    eBandit by BVM

    With the introduction of the BVM EVF-3 12s, electric jet power has risen to a level of performance and efficiency that support larger airframes. And, since nothing flies as good as a BVM Bandit, we now offer a very special version of that time honored design. All new fuselage and inlet tooling was created for optimum performance. These light weight composite structures are meticulously painted in-the-mold and laminated of E-Glass, Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar by our artisans at the BVM Florida factory. The internal structures are also manufactured from the lightest / strongest materials and specifically designed for convenient component mounting. Like all BVM jets, the parts count is complete, the instruction manual is thorough, and your hobby dollars are justly rewarded. The E Bandit is truly engineered for electric jet success. Item#: BVMK53000E01 Learn More
  3. Bandit ARF Mark II by BVM

    Bandit ARF Mark II by BVM

    The Bandit design has been around for many years and has won the loyalty of hundreds of customers because of its sleek lines and superior flight characteristics. So, we keep trying to make it better. The MARK II has a few refinements that make it easier to assemble in your workshop and at the flying field. Of course, top access to the engine, radio, and fuel system are unique to your Bandit. Item#: BVMK570007 Learn More
  4. Habu EDF PNP by ParkZone

    Habu EDF PNP by ParkZone


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    Key Features - E-flite BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor with E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan unit (installed) - E-flite 60A Pro with Switch-Mode BEC ESC (installed) - Full 4-channel control, includes fully functional rudder - Wing and airframe design optimized for a wide flight envelope - Silver Z-Foam™ construction - Removable landing gear Needed to Complete Getting this Plug-N-Play® version airborne requires a 4+ channel aircraft transmitter and receiver, a 4S 14.8V 3200mAh Li-Po battery, and a 4S Li-Po charger. Item#: PKZ7075 Learn More
  5. BD-5B Electric Jet by Aeroworks

    BD-5B Electric Jet by Aeroworks

    Model features: Fast accurate assembly with minimal building time. Laser cut wood construction for precise and accurate assembly. One piece, one-servo wing, allows pilot easy assembly and compact for transportation. Elevator and rudder servo’s located in front of fuse for easy installation and precise control. Accessible front hatch for fast and easy battery replacement. High lift airfoil, light wing loading and unique wing design allows for incredibly stable flight performance from a jet style model. Item#: ARWBD5B Learn More
  6. Habu 32 DF ARF by E-flite

    Habu 32 DF ARF by E-flite

    E-flite takes ARF ducted fan performance and engineering to new heights with the Habu 32 DF. Designed around the E-flite Delta-V® 32 80mm fan unit and 2150Kv DF32 brushless motor, its hyper-efficient intake and exhaust ducting allows this potent combo to produce large amounts of thrust when powered with a high-C 6S Li-Po pack. And it does so without resorting to drag-inducing cheater holes. The result is a sport EDF with exhilarating speed that will give even experienced jet jockeys goose bumps. As the first Platinum Series E-flite® ducted fan, the Habu 32 DF also boasts a level of fit and finish that is every bit as impressive as its performance. Its sleek fiberglass fuselage comes pre-painted and integrates the vertical stabilizer. The fully-sheeted wings and horizontal stabilizers are reinforced with carbon blade spars and covered with genuine UltraCote®. The control surfaces are hinged for you. Just add the optional E-flite electric retracts (sold separately), and you've got a sport jet that truly stands out from the crowd. Item#: EFL8075 Learn More
  7. F-4 Phantom 32 DF by E-flite

    F-4 Phantom 32 DF by E-flite

    The distinguished career of the F-4 Phantom II includes front-line service with more than eleven countries over 30+ years of service. In excess of 5,000 aircraft were built to fulfill duties in the fighter and attack roles, but adapted to perform admirably in reconnaissance and other unsung mission duties as well. Its versatility and top-notch engineering saw it through countless campaigns to earn credits of valor unmatched by any other jet fighter. Item#: EFL8125 Learn More

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