Electra ARF Jet by BVM

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The BVM Electra jet "kit" lead the way. Its size and performance have revolutionized the state-of-the-art for an all electric jet model. The Electra jet "ARF" has all the same performance and mechanical features of the kit version, but with 90% of the labor to build and finish accomplished for you. Its all composite, painted-in-the-mold airframe is strong and light. With the BVM Electric VioFan, it is flight worthy at speeds up to 200mph, but stable slow flight and easy landings are where the Electra Jet really shines.

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The new Electra Jet is designed as a quick build kit with wood wings and stabs so precisely engineered that the building process is sure to be a delight. The lightweight, super strong structure assures superior performance and ultra slow landings.

BVM’s engineering team developed integrated power systems that’ll provide 13-15 pounds if installed static thrust (see EVF brochure) for thrilling take-off, climb and high speed performance. Cool and reliable operation is the result of our engineering excellence.

Every rib, spar, brace and wing skin (1 piece) is laser cut to perfection. Shaping of the L.E. & tips is aided by laser cut templates. Flaps and ailerons are easily assembled using laser cut 1/32" ply skins and balsa ribs providing thin, straight and dent resistant trailing edges. The very generous size flaps provide short grass field take-offs and super slow stable landings.

Servo and landing gear cover plates are a unique combination of thin poly-ply and balsa.

The low landing speed and zero residual thrust of the EVF (throttle trim down) negate the need for wheel brakes. This saves weight and money.

The Benefits to Flying a BVM Electra

- No turbine waiver needed.
- Minimum support equipment necessary - bring spare batteries and a charger f-or more flights.
- No vibration to wear out components.
- No liquid fuel to saturate the inside of your model.
- Low heat environment.
- Electric Reliability
- 150+mph performance.
- SUV transport in one piece, wings remove easily for more compact transit and storage.

Wingspan: 60" (710 sq in)
Length: 67"
Weight: 14-15 lbs
Power: BVM EVF

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